Dinajpur restaurants

Chinese in Dinajpur

Food Garden

This is a cheerful Chinese restaurant that is popular at both lunch and dinnertime, and serves full and half portions of food depending on your appetite. The usual noodle dishes and chicken in myriad gravies move th…
Bangladeshi in Dinajpur

New Hotel

One of the better Bangladeshi restaurants in the town centre, this eatery draws locals and is usually always full, except during the leaner late-afternoon hours. You can get some vegetarian fare here, in the form of…
Bangladeshi in Dinajpur


This cafe-like eatery has a reputation for preparing the best kachchi biryani in town, which is clearly in greater demand than its other offerings. Wash it all down with a cup of instant coffee (Tk 40). No English m…
Sweets in Dinajpur

Pabna Sweets

Satisfy your dessert cravings here, with a generous serving of misthi doi (sweet yoghurt) or cottage-cheese-based sweetmeats.