Dinajpur attractions

Top Choice Temple in Dinajpur

Kantanagar Temple

Set amidst gorgeous countryside, the vault-roofed rouge sandcastle of Kantanagar Temple, also known locally as Kantaji, is a stunning piece of religious artwork, and one of the most impressive Hindu monuments in Ban…
Lake in Dinajpur

Ram Sagar

Commissioned in 1750 by Raja Ramnath, a local landlord, this placid and expansive reservoir is nearly a kilometre long and sits at the heart of the Ramsagar National Park, a beautiful patch of forest on the outskirt…
Historic Building in Dinajpur

Dinajpur Rajbari

Mostly in ruins now, the 100-plus-years-old Dinajpur Rajbari still pulls in the crowds not because of its crumbling walls and moss-hewn pillars, but because of the two Hindu temples standing within its grounds. The …