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Getting Around


Auto-rickshaws run on compressed natural gas and hence are known as CNGs, or otherwise as baby taxis. All have meters, but it’s rare to find a driver willing to use one, so get ready for some hard bargaining. Travel by CNG can be hairy – it seems no gap is too small for a CNG to squeeze through! Here’s a rough guide to the sort of fares you can expect:

Airport to Banani Tk 250

Airport to Motijheel Tk 300

Banani to Gabtali bus stand Tk 200

Banani to Gulistan Crossing Tk 140

Banani to Sadarghat Tk 200


Fast and cheap to use, tempos (large shared auto-rickshaws) are a convenient way to travel if you know where you’re going, aren’t carrying much luggage and don’t mind rib-cage compression.

A trip from Gabtali bus stand to Farm Gate costs around Tk 10.


Dhaka’s fantastically colourful rickshaws (which in Bangladesh means cycle-rickshaws) are a tourist attraction in their own right and you should go for a spin in them as often as you can. You will find them everywhere (there are around 500,000 of them on the streets on any one day), and when traffic is crowded (as it usually is) they’re not much slower than anything else that moves. Rickshaws are restricted from moving right across the city by traffic regulations and sheer distances, so you can usually travel only short distances, within a particular neighbourhood. Prices are negotiated. We find that Tk 10 per kilometre is normally about right.