Photography in Dhaka

Chobi Mela

This biennial fair of photography, videography and new media is one of Dhaka's best artistic expositions, and showcases cutting-edge visual work from within Bangladesh as well as across the world. Exhibits are...

Literature in Dhaka

Dhaka Lit Fest

A highpoint of Dhaka's cultural calendar, this gem of a festival raises the banner high for free-thinking in a country where it is sometimes under threat. Expect a lively programme of talks featuring writers and...

Art in Dhaka

Dhaka Art Summit

A meeting ground for artists from South Asia, this event is a week-long celebration of regional art, and offers Dhaka's art lovers a fine selection of works representing contemporary art movements and practices....

Hindu in Dhaka

Durga Puja

The grandest festival for Bangladesh's Hindu population, this four-day jamboree hails Durga, the mother goddess and slayer of demons, with great ritual splendour. Colourful temporary pavilions called pandals are...

Film in Dhaka

Dhaka International Film Festival

With an emphasis on feature films that promote the cinematic culture of Bangladesh, this festival screens several new films made by Bangladeshi directors, alongside a selection of critically acclaimed foreign...

Cultural in Dhaka

Pahela Baishakh

Celebrated on 14 April, the Bengali New Year, also known as Pahela Baishakh, is a big deal in the capital, with a huge parade of sculptures of toys and masks made by students from the University of Dhaka,...

Cultural in Dhaka

Dhaka Comicon

Proving that Bangladesh is very much part of the world that the geek shall inherit, Dhaka's Comicon is an ever-growing gathering for fans of pop culture, from comics and movies to video games and anime.

Cultural in Dhaka

Pahela Falgun

This event celebrates the arrival of spring with a smattering of cultural activity across town. Women mark the occasion by wearing yellow saris, while the men turn out in matching kurtas.