Architecture in Dhaka

National Assembly Building

In 1963 the Pakistanis commissioned Louis Kahn, a world-renowned American architect, to design a regional capitol for East Pakistan. Due to the liberation movement and ensuing war, the National Assembly Building was…
Notable Building in Dhaka

Curzon Hall

The quasi-Gothic red-brick Curzon Hall, erected in 1905 after the first partition of Bengal is Dhaka University's architectural masterpiece. It's a highly impressive example of the European-Mughal style of building …
Notable Building in Dhaka

Prime Minister's Office

Prime minister's office.
Notable Building in Dhaka

Chota Katra

This run-down Mughal-era structure dates from 1663, and was a caravanserai for visiting merchants. It was similar in design to nearby Bara Katra, but there’s not much left, save the archways at either end, which now…