Dhaka Division


Top ChoiceIndian in Dhaka


Indian street food served in a clean, trendy, air-con restaurant. Everything here is delicious, but the chaat (spicy snacks, Tk 50 to Tk 70) are excellent value. Choose a couple of those, washed down with a fresh...

Top ChoiceBangladeshi in Dhaka



Wildly popular with the locals, and rightly so, Al-Razzaque does delicious curries, biryanis and Bangladeshi breakfasts, but the pièces de résistance here are the plate-sized flaky rotis, which are absolutely...

Top ChoiceBakery in Dhaka

Holey Artisan Bakery

After being ransacked by militants in mid-2016, this top-notch bakery rose like a phoenix in a new (albeit tiny) address within a shopping mall in early 2017. True to its earlier reputation, it continues to churn...

Top ChoiceSweets in Dhaka

Premium Sweets

A Dhaka institution in its own right, this legendary store offers an amazing variety of traditional Bangladeshi sweetmeats, as well as a delicious mix of snacks and fast food. It has 14 showrooms scattered across...

Top ChoiceBangladeshi in Dhaka


It might sound like sticking our necks out, but we reckon this no-nonsense joint probably serves the best biryani in Dhaka, plateful by massive plateful. Or maybe it's not a gamble at all: this place is always...

Top ChoiceItalian in Dhaka

Spaghetti Jazz

A stylish and intimate setting for probably the best pizza and pasta you’ll find anywhere in Bangladesh. The antipasti and fish and meat courses are also strongly recommended. The entrance is tucked away a bit –...

Desserts in Muktagacha

Gopal Pali Prosida Monda Sweet Shop

Few locals visit the rajbari, but they do all visit this famous sweetshop, which makes the best monda (grainy, sweetened yogurt cake) in the country. Settle back in the tasting room, a delightful faded-yellow...

Sri Lankan in Dhaka

Taste of Lanka

With smart decor and obliging staff, this upscale restaurant serves a mouth-watering range of authentic Sri Lankan dishes such as oven-baked pol roti (flatbread with grated coconut) served alongside sambol (spicy...

Cafe in Dhaka

Roll Xpress

A very pleasant coffee shop in a quiet, refined courtyard. The coffee isn't super-cheap (around Tk 140), but it's good and you can get great light lunches of wraps and south Indian dhosas (rice pancakes), while...

Japanese in Dhaka


Sushi is relatively new in Dhaka, but Samdado is one of the city's oldest Japanese restaurants. The dark wood and bamboo decor here lends an appropriate atmosphere to the freshly prepared sushi and sashimi. The...

Chinese in Dhaka

Bamboo Shoot

Bamboo Shoot is Dhaka's most reliable outpost for authentic Chinese cuisine and well worth a splurge. It's in the same building as Agora supermarket – a useful landmark for helping rickshaw drivers navigate. Sing...

Indian in Dhaka


A small but chic new Indian restaurant, with modern cream-and-black fittings and an offbeat line in menus made from laser-inscribed wood. Luckily, the food doesn't rely on gimmicks, but offers good quality Indian...

Bangladeshi in Dhaka

Star Kebab & Restaurant

Part of the hugely popular Star Kebab chain, this is a hit with the local student population, and does ever-dependable and ever-affordable local nosh in a clean, bright and bustling environment. Portions are...

Thai in Dhaka

Pan Tao

Pan Tau has established itself as a trusted place for great Thai curries, a refined atmosphere and excellent service, all washed down with one of their mocktails. Be aware that the air-conditioning is frequently...

Indian in Dhaka


A new and popular Indian restaurant, specialising mainly in Mughal cuisine. Expect thick and buttery curry sauces, tender meat, and a procession of kebabs and freshly made, piping-hot naan bread.

Korean in Dhaka


An expensive, but authentic and well-regarded Korean restaurant, which also branches out into sushi.

Bangladeshi in Dhaka

Haji Biryani

An Old Dhaka institution, Haji only does one dish – mutton biryani – but does it exceedingly well. This place is tiny, so you’ll almost certainly have to share a table: squeeze in, sit down and just wait for your...

Indian in Dhaka


Named after an Indian stringed instrument and billed as a ‘symphony of dining’, Santoor serves up mouth-watering Indian dishes. The tandoor kebabs are good, but the south Indian favourites such as dhosa (rice...

Bangladeshi in Dhaka

Gulshan Plaza Restaurant

Proving Gulshan isn’t just about Western-friendly posh nosh, this no-frills local favourite knocks out tremendous mutton, chicken and beef curries as well as solid biryanis and delicious roast chicken. Also does...

Bangladeshi in Dhaka

Dhaka Roti House

A good central choice for kebabs. The beef sheekh kebab (grilled meat on a skewer) and the grilled chicken are sumptuous, and the rotis sure aren’t bad either. Also does biryani and a few curry dishes. No English...