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1. Forbidden use any information(Address, Mobile, Name, Email, Property Name, Etc. any personal information) of Host for Customs Form or Visa Application etc. for security of foreign Visitors and Host. Visitor has to take full responsibility if violation of this policy.

2. Google map the location before on-line booking;

3. Email Host for to make on-line booking active:

1) Information Form need filled up properly;

2) Visitor‘s Identification by passport scanning copy;

4. Contact Host before visiting to make sure availability;

5. Must call Host (01199812972 or 01911758668 )outside Terminal TWO glass door with reference code(But within the Iron fence yard, sitting on any luggage trolley if need):

6. Visitor has to obey the Bangladesh laws without any exceptions.


Only Identified Guests allowed.

Make sure email and call Host before visiting to provide the code we given;

Only Hostel in DHAKA!

The sweetest Home-Stay for only Foreign Travelers!

Safe, clean, cozy and fun are our characteristics!

The highest ratio of performance/cost place to stay in Dhaka!

The Fairyland for Business Traveler!

The Paradise for Backpackers!

The Sweet-Home for Int'l Students!


Airport Service, Breakfast, WiFi, 24 Hot Water Shower, 24 Hours Purified Drinking water; Security on Site, (Protective Fence for all windows & Balconies), Mosquito Net, Generator, Lift, Guidance information, indoor use of Dhaka Map, Kitchen Use for the Long Stayings Etc.

1. We are Unique because:

1) Gold Location & Convenient Equipped:

(1)15 Minutes by car to Airport;

(2)15 minutes by car to the Embassies Area;

(3)10 minutes by feet to bus station;

(4)10 minutes by feet to the Biggest Shopping mall-Jamuna Future Park (Aarong, Artisan, Apex, Pizza Hut, KFC, Cafes, Food Stalls, Gym, Swimming Pool, Cinema in one Giant Building) ;

(5)Top brand new apartment w Generator, Lift etc.

(6)24 Hs free Wi-Fi (guest own laptop) ;

2) Safe:

(1)24 Hour Security at site;

(2)Mosquito Net/ each pure wood bed;

(3)Free Purified Water for drinking & cooking;

(4)Curfew after 11pm midnight;

3) Healthy & Delicious Food:

Authentic clean, organic and healthy home-made food cooked by the Host in the private kitchen;

4) Int'l Atmosphere:

(1)Safe, fair, and interesting home with care and loving Host.

(2)The Sweetest Home for foreign travellers in Dhaka!

5) Clear and International Standard Policies maintained properly;

2. How to book?

1) Only for Pure foreigner to stay;

2) Book online;

3) Email Host to active your on-line booking;

3) Final confirmation 72 Hs before arrival by email from both side;

Otherwise your booking may not be 100% ensured.

3. How to cancel?

1)Email us 72 Hours before the arrival w true reasons to avoid to waste the social resources;

2) Otherwise you bound to pay for no--show penalty as a commitment person through your credit card( 1st night room rate will be charged at least);

4. How to get Airport Pickup?

MUST call Host Once arrival at Dhaka Airport and then wait there only about 15 minutes if w/0 heavy traffic jam. Details process pls contact with Host after on-line booking.

5. No-No:

1) Call Girl (Or call John) is STRICTLY forbidden;

2) Friends of our indoor visitors are only allowed to sit in sitting area;

3) Drugs or any illegal activities is STRICTLY forbidden;

4) Pet is not allowed to bring in;

Visitor has to fully responsibility of his/her own behaviors in law.

Blessings with Love,