Mosque in Sonargaon

Goaldi Mosque

Built in 1519, and now virtually hidden behind thick bamboo groves and clusters of mango and jackfruit trees, the graceful, single-domed Goaldi Mosque is the most impressive of the few extant monuments of the origin…
Mosque in Dhaka

Hussaini Dalan

A block north of the central jail is Hussaini Dalan, looking more like a Hindu rajbari (landowner’s palace) than an Islamic building. It was built in 1642 as the house of the imam of the Shi’ia community. Though the…
Mosque in Dhaka

Khan Mohammed Mridha’s Mosque

Erected in 1706, this Mughal structure is stylistically similar to Lalbagh Fort. It is built on a raised platform, up a flight of 25 steps. Three squat domes, with pointed minarets at each corner, dominate the recta…
Mosque in Dhaka

Star Mosque

This unusual mosque, with its striking mosaic decoration, dates from the early 18th century, although it has been radically altered. It was originally built in the typical Mughal style, with four corner towers. Arou…
Mosque in Dhaka

Baitul Mukarram Mosque

West of Motijheel on Topkhana Rd, this enormous modern mosque is designed in the style of the holy Ka’aba of Mecca and is a hard-to-miss landmark. The boisterous market in the surrounding streets stretches around mo…
Mosque in Dhaka

Gulshan Central Mosque

Gulshan's main mosque, this is a striking white example of 1960's futurism, with rocket-like minarets and a geometric prayer hall evoking the optimism of the space race era.
Hindu Temple in Mymensingh

Shiva Temple

Mymensingh has a large Hindu minority and there are several notable Hindu shrines in the old town area, of which this Shiva temple by the river is the most easily visited.
Mosque in Dhaka

Sat Gumbad Mosque

Dating from 1680, Sat Gumbad Mosque is a white-washed onion-dome mosque, and the finest example of the pure Mughal-style mosque in Dhaka.
Mosque in Dhaka

Kartalab Khan's Mosque

This historic mosque, founded in the 18th century, makes an architectural nod to the Bengali 'hut' style of temple building.
Mosque in Mymensingh

Boro Mosque

Mosque serving Mymensingh's Boro Bazaar.