Comilla attractions

Ruins in Comilla

Salban Vihara

This ruined 170-sq-m monastery has 115 cells for monks, facing a temple in the centre of the courtyard. The royal copper plates of Deva kings and a terracotta seal bearing a royal inscription found here indicate tha…
Museum in Comilla

Mainimati Museum

The small Mainimati Museum, adjacent to Salban Vihara, is worth a diversion. The collection includes terracotta plaques, bronze statues, 4th-century silver and gold coins, jewellery, kitchen utensils and votive stup…
Church in Comilla

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church

Place of worship for Comilla's small Catholic community.
Notable Building in Comilla

Comilla Law College

Comilla Law College, a local landmark.
Mosque in Comilla


Comilla's local mosque.