Chittagong Hill Tracts restaurants

Top Choice Adivasi in Bandarban

Tohzah Restaurant

This modest restaurant is the best place in town to sample Marma cuisine. The main themes are a mountain of ginger and a volcano of chillies, plus the novelty of finding pork on the menu. There's no English menu, bu…
Adivasi in Rangamati

Peda Ting Ting

A popular stop on boat trips to Shuvalong Falls, this shanty-looking restaurant, on a small low-lying island, does good-quality indigenous food in an unmatched location. Has an English menu. Expect a round trip from…
Bangladeshi in Bandarban

Hotel Amiribad & Biryani House

This popular no-frills restaurant knocks up reliable Bengali dishes including fish, chicken, mutton and beef curries, plus biryanis, of course. It's also a great spot for huge dhal-and-paratha breakfasts. No English…
Bangladeshi in Rangamati

Biryani House

Pocket-sized locals’ favourite with no English menu but a manager who can talk you through which curries and biryanis are on offer that day. Great fun, good value, and also a good bet for dhal-and-roti breakfasts.
Adivasi in Rangamati

Thai Mart

Run by a young and friendly group of Chakma staff and cooks, this relaxed restaurant with bamboo roofing does a mix of Chakma and Bengali dishes. There's an English menu, but despite the name, Thai food doesn't appe…
Bangladeshi in Rangamati

Green Restaurant

A good, clean restaurant serving up standard Bangladeshi fare, located next to the Hotel Nadisa International in Reserve Bazar.