Boat in Chittagong

Bangladesh Inland Waterway Transport Corporation Office

The Bangladesh Inland Waterway Transport Corporation office is near the end of Sadarghat Rd, about 100m to the west. The administration office is marked in English, but tickets are sold from a nondescript building j…
Bus in Bandarban

Main Bus Stand

From the main bus stand, destinations include Chittagong (Tk 110, three hours, 5.45am to 6pm), Cox’s Bazar (Tk 170, three hours, 7.30am to 5pm) and Dhaka (non-AC/AC Tk 620/950, nine hours, 10am, 9.30pm and 10pm).
Jeep Stand in Bandarban

Jeep Stand

There’s a jeep stand just down from the main bus stand where you can hire jeeps, known here as chander gari, to places such as Ruma Bazar (return/overnight Tk 3000/4500, two hours each way).
Bus in Chittagong

Cinema Palace Bus Station

Luxury buses to Cox’s Bazar (Tk 250, four hours, every half hour between 5.30am and 7.30pm) and Sylhet (Tk 650, evening only departures) leave from the Cinema Palace bus station.
Bus in Chittagong

Green Line

Green Line has air-con coaches to Dhaka (Tk 1000, seven to eight hours, 10 daily), Cox’s Bazar (Tk 650, five hours, 9am) and Sylhet (Tk 1000, eight hours, 9pm).
Bus in Chittagong

Modapur Bus Station

Buses leave from Modapur bus station for Rangamati (Tk 75 to Tk 80, luxury bus Tk 130, 2½ hours) and Kaptai (Tk 70, two hours, half-hourly 7am to 7pm).
Bus in Chittagong

Bahaddarhat Bus Stand

Destinations from Bahaddarhat bus stand include Cox’s Bazar (Tk 240, five hours, 6am to 9pm) and Bandarban (Tk 110, three hours, 6am to 6pm).
Airline in Cox's Bazar

Biman Bangladesh

Flights to Dhaka, via Chittagong. Look for the worryingly crumpled giant papier-mache airplane in front of the office.
Bus in Chittagong

Soudia Air-Con

Soudia has air-con coaches to Dhaka (Tk 1000, seven to eight hours) and Cox’s Bazar (Tk 650, five hours).
Bus in Cox's Bazar

Green Line Coaches

Coach services to Dhaka, Chittagong and Teknaf. Also sells tickets for its ferry to St Martin's Island.