Top ChoiceAdivasi in Bandarban

Tohzah Restaurant

This modest restaurant is the best place in town to sample Marma cuisine. The main themes are a mountain of ginger and a volcano of chillies, plus the novelty of finding pork on the menu. There's no English menu,...

Top ChoiceInternational in Cox's Bazar

Mermaid Café

This sprawling, shaded, Goa-style beach shack serves such tasty food in such cool surroundings that you probably won’t eat anywhere else once you’ve tried it. The fish dishes are sumptuous, but everything is...

Top ChoiceAsian in Chittagong

Bonanza Food Plus

One of Chittagong’s best dining options, this swish, air-conditioned restaurant has an excellent pan-Asian menu, including Chinese, Indian, Thai and Korean. The Indian dishes are particularly good. You can also...

Top ChoiceInternational in Cox's Bazar

Devine Sea Stone Café

Right by the beach and on the 1st floor of a wooden building to give it extra sea views, this cafe-restaurant is great for seafood. The service is good, and if you don't want a full meal, the waiters can ply you...

Indian in Chittagong


This is a handy choice if you want to match good-value Bangladeshi and Indian meals with classy surroundings and good service. The competitively priced set lunches (available 1pm to 4pm) deservedly draw a good...

Indian in Chittagong


Part of the ever-popular Bangladeshi chain, Dhaba knocks out some tasty curries, kebabs, paratha rolls and chaat (spicy snacks). It’s basically Indian street food in a clean restaurant environment. Wash it down...

Chinese in Chittagong

Tai Wah Restaurant

With soups, noodles, rice dishes and dumplings, this is probably the most authentic Chinese in Chittagong. The atmosphere is pleasant, with red lanterns creating just the right level of lighting, and walls...

Cafe in Chittagong

Rio Coffee Corner

Housed in a corner of the 2nd floor of a clean, multi-level fast-food complex, Rio is one of the few places in Chittagong (outside the top-notch hotels) that does proper fresh coffee (from Tk 80). As if that...

International in Chittagong

Greedy Guts

If you feel the need to take a break from your daily Bangladeshi rice quota, Greedy Guts will see you right with its well-presented menu of pasta and continental dishes. There's good Indian food as well, but the...

Bengali in Chittagong

Hotel Zamen

With branches all over Chittagong division, Zamen is a clean, dependable option for those wishing to sample decent-quality Bengali dishes in a family-friendly environment. It’s mostly biryani and curries...

Adivasi in Rangamati

Peda Ting Ting

A popular stop on boat trips to Shuvalong Falls, this shanty-looking restaurant, on a small low-lying island, does good-quality indigenous food in an unmatched location. Has an English menu. Expect a round trip...

Bengali in Chittagong

Hotel ABP

Tuck into tandoori masala-spiced chicken, grilled by the entrance, and mop up some dhal or curried vegetables with freshly baked paratha. You’ll have to bluff your way through ordering as there’s no English menu,...

Barbecue in Cox's Bazar


Taranga has a fairly standard menu of Bengali and Chinese dishes, but the added attraction of garden seating. Evening is the time to come, because from 5pm onwards they stoke up the barbecue and dish out a range...

Bangladeshi in Bandarban

Hotel Amiribad & Biryani House

This popular no-frills restaurant knocks up reliable Bengali dishes including fish, chicken, mutton and beef curries, plus biryanis, of course. It's also a great spot for huge dhal-and-paratha breakfasts. No...

Bangladeshi in Chittagong

Fushka Stalls

If you're after cheap street eats, this series of daytime stands in front of a small park will sell you a hearty plate of filling fushka for pennies. Fill up on the pastry shells stuffed with chickpeas, onion,...

Bangladeshi in Comilla

Red Roof Inn

This tidy restaurant of the Red Roof Inn is on the first floor before reception. It serves up delicious and very generously portioned Bangladeshi and Indian curries, with a few Chinese dishes thrown in for good...

Bangladeshi in Rangamati

Biryani House

Pocket-sized locals’ favourite with no English menu but a manager who can talk you through which curries and biryanis are on offer that day. Great fun, good value, and also a good bet for dhal-and-roti breakfasts.

Bangladeshi in Comilla

Khaja Garden

Kebab heaven, with charcoal-grilled chicken and mutton sheekh topping the list. Also does excellent naan bread. No menu, and limited English, but pointing at the food on other tables tends to do the trick.

Bengali in Chittagong


Cheap, no-nonsense local grub with dhal, omelette and paratha for breakfast before the curries and biryanis are rolled out later in the day. No English menu, but some English spoken.

Chinese in Comilla

Silver Spoon

Clean family-friendly restaurant serving Bangla-twisted Chinese dishes. There's an English menu.