Top ChoiceInternational in Cox's Bazar

Mermaid Café

This sprawling, shaded, Goa-style beach shack serves such tasty food in such cool surroundings that you probably won’t eat anywhere else once you’ve tried it. The fish dishes are sumptuous, but everything is...

Top ChoiceInternational in Cox's Bazar

Devine Sea Stone Café

Right by the beach and on the 1st floor of a wooden building to give it extra sea views, this cafe-restaurant is great for seafood. The service is good, and if you don't want a full meal, the waiters can ply you...

Beach in Cox's Bazar


The main reason to come to Cox’s Bazar is for the beach. It’s a very long, very exposed stretch of sand, rather than a picturesque tropical-island type of affair. It's fun for a quick paddle, though, and there...

Barbecue in Cox's Bazar


Taranga has a fairly standard menu of Bengali and Chinese dishes, but the added attraction of garden seating. Evening is the time to come, because from 5pm onwards they stoke up the barbecue and dish out a range...

Cafe in Cox's Bazar

Cafe 14

The only cafe with real fresh coffee (from Tk 150), this Western-style coffee shop, attached to Long Beach Hotel, also does ice cream, cakes and sandwiches.

Buddhist Monastery in Cox's Bazar

Aggameda Khyang

Founded in 1812, the current structure of this monastery – Burmese in style – was built in 1898. The main sanctuary is built around massive timber columns, with polished teak flooring. Hidden among the trees...

Buddhist Site in Cox's Bazar

Maha Thin Daw Gree

Hidden among the trees in Cox's Bazar's Aggameda Khyang monastery complex is Maha Thin Daw Gree, a shrine housing a number of Buddhist effigies – including one (called Cathat Ashun) which is dedicated to Captain...