Chittagong Division


Market in Bandarban

Tribal Bazar

Bandarban has a small street market most days, but the place really throngs on Sunday and Wednesday when traders come in from across the district to buy and sell produce. Trading is conducted in Marma rather than...

Museum in Chittagong

Zia Memorial Museum

This museum is rather unexpectedly housed in a mock-Tudor mansion. Among its much-revered collection is the microphone and transmitter with which President Zia proclaimed the country’s independence in 1971.

Lake in Rangamati

Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake

Dotted with islands, Kaptai is Bangladesh's largest artificial lake, created in 1960 for a hydroelectric project. It's a beautiful spot, and very popular with Bengali sightseers, but because of permit...

Park in Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary

Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary

This rarely visited wildlife reserve is home to some of the country’s few remaining wild elephants. Your chances of seeing one of them are slim (the best chance is in the evening), but hiking into the hilly...

Island in Rangamati

Chakma Islands

This whole area is a Chakma stronghold, but two islands in particular are interesting to visit. Rajbari (which means palace) is where the Chakma king has his rather unimpressive, recently rebuilt palace. You...

Area in Chittagong


As in Dhaka, the city’s oldest area is the waterfront part called Sadarghat, and as in Dhaka, it’s a cacophony of sensual assaults. The early arrival of the Portuguese is evinced by the proximity of the...

Beach in Cox's Bazar


The main reason to come to Cox’s Bazar is for the beach. It’s a very long, very exposed stretch of sand, rather than a picturesque tropical-island type of affair. It's fun for a quick paddle, though, and there...

Buddhist Monastery in Bandarban

Dhatu Jadi

Perched on a hilltop about three kilometres north of town in Bala Gata village is the large glowing Dhatu Jadi, also known as the Golden Temple (Shorna Mondir) because of its beautiful golden stupa, one of the...

Hindu in Maheskhali Island

Adinath Temple

This Buddhist and Hindu temple, situated halfway up a holy hill, is the top sight on Maheskali Island. Round the back of the temple you’ll find two tree-shaded holy ponds with great views of mangrove swamps...

Buddhist Monastery in Rangamati

Bana Vihara Monastery

Bana Vihara, which can be reached, either via Rajbari Ghat, or via a bridge slightly further west, houses a large Buddhist monastery, constructed by Chakma Buddhist monks in 1972. You can wander the grounds, peek...

Cemetery in Chittagong

WWII Memorial Cemetery

This sombre cemetery contains the graves of hundreds of soldiers from both Allied and Japanese forces who died on the Burma front. Many are inscribed with simple and powerful epitaphs of loss and love. The...

Market in Chittagong

Central Bazar

The Central Bazar is a warren of alleyways between the lower ends of Jubilee and Station Rds. It’s almost impossible not to lose your way among the densely packed rows of clothing shops, but it’s a lot of fun...

Bridge in Rangamati

Hanging Bridge

The Hanging Bridge, a low suspension bridge, not far from the Parjatan Holiday Complex, is another popular boat-trip destination.

Ruins in Comilla

Salban Vihara

This ruined 170-sq-m monastery has 115 cells for monks, facing a temple in the centre of the courtyard. The royal copper plates of Deva kings and a terracotta seal bearing a royal inscription found here indicate...

Museum in Comilla

Mainimati Museum

The small Mainimati Museum, adjacent to Salban Vihara, is worth a diversion. The collection includes terracotta plaques, bronze statues, 4th-century silver and gold coins, jewellery, kitchen utensils and votive...

Buddhist Monastery in Cox's Bazar

Aggameda Khyang

Founded in 1812, the current structure of this monastery – Burmese in style – was built in 1898. The main sanctuary is built around massive timber columns, with polished teak flooring. Hidden among the trees...

Museum in Bandarban

Bandarban Museum

This small museum offers some interesting insights into the traditional cultures of the Hill Tracts. There are displays of tribal dress, jewellery, basketwork and so on. There's not much interpretation to the...

Buddhist Site in Cox's Bazar

Maha Thin Daw Gree

Hidden among the trees in Cox's Bazar's Aggameda Khyang monastery complex is Maha Thin Daw Gree, a shrine housing a number of Buddhist effigies – including one (called Cathat Ashun) which is dedicated to Captain...

Museum in Rangamati

Tribal Cultural Institute Museum

This museum has well-thought-out displays on the Adivasis of the Hill Tracts, including costumes, bamboo flutes, coins, silver-and-ivory necklaces and animal traps. There is also a map showing where the different...

Museum in Chittagong

Ethnological Museum

The interesting Ethnological Museum has displays on Bangladesh’s tribal people. Unfortunately, it isn’t always open when it should be. Some of the exhibits are looking a bit tattered, but it covers all the major...