Barisal restaurants

Bangladeshi in Barisal

Garden Inn

Located deep inside a commercial building, this place probably does the best local food in town. Try the delicious haleem (meat and lentil soup) with naan for dinner, or go for an aromatic, slow-cooked kachchi birya…
Sweets in Barisal

Shokal Shondha

This is a good place to buy yourself a platter of sticky local sweetmeats. It's more clean and hygienic compared to most sweet shops, and the early morning breakfast of dhal and paratha is also eminently hearty. The…
Bangladeshi in Barisal

Rose Garden Restaurant

This place is clearly a locals’ favourite. It's a bit dark and dingy for comfort, but the food (biryanis, fried chicken, kebabs) speaks for itself. Avoid the Chinese dishes, unless you're really keen to sample some …