Barisal attractions

Area in Barisal

Ferry Piers

Particularly atmospheric in the evenings, when dramatically lit and boldly painted launches depart from adjoining ghats, the piers are a wonderful place to soak up the local riverine culture. Overseen by BIWTC (buy …
Hindu Temple in Barisal

Jagannath Temple

Dedicated to the Hindu Lord Jagannath, an incarnation of Vishnu, this temple is a unique sight considering that the deity is only rarely worshipped outside of Odisha in India. A rather understated affair, the mandir…
Church in Barisal

St Peter's Church

This tiny church, hidden under shady coconut palms and betel-nut trees, is worth exploring mainly for its serene and leafy atmosphere. Apart from mass on Sundays, when a small number of local Christian residents tur…