Bandarban attractions

Market in Bandarban

Tribal Bazar

Bandarban has a small street market most days, but the place really throngs on Sunday and Wednesday when traders come in from across the district to buy and sell produce. Trading is conducted in Marma rather than Be…
Buddhist Monastery in Bandarban

Dhatu Jadi

Perched on a hilltop about three kilometres north of town in Bala Gata village is the large glowing Dhatu Jadi, also known as the Golden Temple (Shorna Mondir) because of its beautiful golden stupa, one of the most …
Museum in Bandarban

Bandarban Museum

This small museum offers some interesting insights into the traditional cultures of the Hill Tracts. There are displays of tribal dress, jewellery, basketwork and so on. There's not much interpretation to the exhibi…
Buddhist Temple in Bandarban

Buddhist Temple

Small local Buddist temple. The hill opposite the temple has a small stupa on top.
Buddhist Temple in Bandarban

Upper Buddhist Temple

Known locally as Upper Buddhist Temple.