Top ChoiceTemple in Dinajpur

Kantanagar Temple

Kantanagar Temple

Set amidst gorgeous countryside, the vault-roofed rouge sandcastle of Kantanagar Temple, also known locally as Kantaji, is a stunning piece of religious artwork, and one of the most impressive Hindu monuments in...

Top ChoiceRuins in Paharpur

Somapuri Vihara

Somapuri Vihara

The hulking 20m-high remains of a 1300-year-old red-brick stupa form the central attraction of the vast monastery complex at Somapuri Vihara. Shaped like a quadrangle covering 11 hectares, the complex has...

Top ChoiceMosque in Bagerhat

Shait Gumbad Mosque

Shait Gumbad Mosque

Built in 1459 (the same year Khan Jahan Ali died), the famous Shait Gumbad Mosque is the largest and most magnificent traditional mosque in the country. Shait Gumbad means ‘the Temple with 60 Domes’ – a misnomer...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Rajshahi

Varendra Research Museum

Varendra Research Museum

This gem of a museum is tucked away in an unassuming building on a quiet street, but can easily take up half a day of your time. Founded in 1910 with the support of the maharaja of Dighapatia, it is managed by...

Palace in Natore

Natore Rajbari

Natore Rajbari

One of the oldest rajbaris in Bangladesh (dating from the early 1700s), the magnificent but dilapidated Natore Rajbari was once the nerve-centre of undivided Bengal's second-biggest zamindari (land revenue...

Wildlife Reserve in Srimangal & Around

Lowacherra National Park

Lowacherra National Park

This wonderful patch of tropical semi-evergreen forest, around 8km east of Srimangal, provides some lovely forest walks and also your best chance of seeing the endangered hoolock gibbons in the wild. These are...

River in Dhaka


Running calmly through the centre of Old Dhaka, the Buriganga River is the muddy artery of Dhaka and the very lifeblood of both this city and the nation. Exploring it from the deck of a small boat from Sadarghat...

Mausoleum in Sylhet

Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal

This fascinating and atmospheric shrine of the revered 14th-century Sufi saint Shah Jalal is one of Bangladesh's biggest pilgrimage sites. Housing a mosque (masjid) and the main tomb (mazar), the complex is...

Palace in Rangpur

Tajhat Palace

Tajhat Palace

The flamboyant and delightfully maintained Tajhat Palace is arguably one of the finest rajbaris in Bangladesh. The palace was constructed in the 19th century by Manna Lal Ray, a Hindu trader who was forced to...

Mosque in Sona Masjid (Gaud)

Khania Dighi Mosque

Khania Dighi Mosque

About 750m beyond the turn-off for Darasbari Mosque, turn right at the bus stand and keep walking for around 250m until you see a sign directing you off to the right to this gorgeous single-domed mosque. Also...

Shrine in Kushtia

Shrine of Lalon Shah

For both foreigners as well as Bangladeshi tourists, the white onion-domed shrine of musician and poet Lalon Shah is the main reason for visiting Kushtia. Lalon Shah is one of the most famous mystic personalities...

Historic Site in Mahasthangarh

Bashor Ghar

Possibly the grandest of Mahasthangarh's historic sites, this lofty and multi-tiered red-brick pavilion dates back to around the 7th century, although it was excavated only about 80 years ago. Local legend...

Lake in Dinajpur

Ram Sagar

Commissioned in 1750 by Raja Ramnath, a local landlord, this placid and expansive reservoir is nearly a kilometre long and sits at the heart of the Ramsagar National Park, a beautiful patch of forest on the...

Hindu Temple in Puthia

Shiva Temple

Built in 1823, the towering Shiva Temple sits at the entrance to Puthia village, overlooking a pond. It’s an excellent example of the pancha-ratna (five-spire) Hindu style common in northern India. Unfortunately,...

Mosque in Sona Masjid (Gaud)

Chhoto Sona Masjid

Built between 1493 and 1526, the well-preserved ‘Small Golden Mosque’ is oddly named, given that it’s actually jet black with just patches of terracotta brickwork. It’s a fine specimen of pre-Mughal architecture,...

Area in Barisal

Ferry Piers

Particularly atmospheric in the evenings, when dramatically lit and boldly painted launches depart from adjoining ghats, the piers are a wonderful place to soak up the local riverine culture. Overseen by BIWTC...

Hindu Temple in Puthia

Govinda Temple

Arguably the most startling monument in Puthia village is the Govinda Temple, located inside the palace, on the left-hand side of the inner courtyard. Erected between 1823 and 1895 by one of the maharanis of the...

Mausoleum in Bagerhat

Tomb of Khan Jahan Ali

A place of active worship, Khan Jahan Ali's Tomb is the only monument in Bagerhat that still retains its original cupolas (domed ceilings). The cenotaph at the entrance is covered with tiles of various colours...

Historic Building in Khulna

Madhu Kunj

This well-kept building and garden complex was the family home of revered 19th-century Bengali poet Michael Madhusudan Dutt (1824–73), who is known to have introduced blank verse to Bengali poetry and is credited...

Village in Srimangal & Around


The closest Manipuri village to Srimangal is Ramnagar. Local tours will usually include a trip here, but you can also walk here yourself. Of all the ethnic groups of this region, the Manipuri are the most...