Arriving in Destination

Nikola Tesla Airport (Belgrade) A taxi to central Belgrade (18km) should cost around 1800DIN. Buses (89DIN to 150DIN) and minibuses (300DIN) connect the airport to town.

Zagreb Airport (Croatia) Airlines bus (30KN) leaves from the airport every half-hour or hour from about 4.30am to 8pm. Taxis to the centre cost between 110KN and 200KN (20 minutes).

Sarajevo International Airport (Bosnia & Hercegovina) Airport buses run roughly hourly (5km, €2.50, 30 minutes) with last services at 9.10pm, 10.23pm and 11.40pm. Taxis should cost less than €10 to the Old Town.

Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (Macedonia) The Vardar Express bus runs to the city centre and its schedule is timed to coincide with flight arrivals. A taxi costs 1200MKD.

Podgorica Airport (Montenegro) Taxis charge an average €10 fare for the 9km to central Podgorica. There are no buses.