Internet Access

With few exceptions, you will never be far from the world wide web. Any decent-sized town in the Balkans has internet access even if you find yourself in a stinky room full of teenage gamers. In some places, internet cafes can be a great way of meeting locals and travellers, but elsewhere they are all but disappearing as hand-held devices and ubiquitous wi-fi hotspots engulf the region. This is good news for BYO laptop, smart phone and i-everything users, who will enjoy hotspots in cafes, bars, libraries, hotels, hostels and even some public places. It is now almost universal for high-standard or boutique hotels to have wi-fi in rooms, though some still charge. Paradoxically, the more you pay for the room the more they tend to charge you for internet; five star international chains are the worst offenders. Boutique, mid-range and budget hotels are more likely to offer free internet. If you are choosing accommodation based on the availability of internet, check that it is actually working before you commit.