• Street violence is rare, but you should employ common sense regardless. Be on guard against pickpockets in crowded places.
  • It's not a good idea to travel in Kosovo with Serbian plates on your car: you'll potentially leave yourself open to random attacks or vandalism.
  • Sporadic violence does occur in north Mitrovica and a few other flashpoints where Serbian and Kosovar communities live in close proximity. Check the situation before travelling.
  • The region has two types of venomous vipers but they’ll try their best to keep out of your way. If bitten, head immediately to a medical centre for the antivenin.


Landmines and unexploded ordnance still affect parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Kosovo. The mined areas are generally well signposted with skull-and-crossbones symbols and yellow tape. Don’t go wandering off on your own in sensitive regions before checking with a local. Never go poking around an obviously abandoned or ruined house.

Road Safety

Local motorists have no qualms about overtaking on blind corners while talking on their mobile phones. Tooting is a regional pastime but it’s best to keep your cool and stick to the speed limit: the traffic police (some of whom have been known to ask for bribes) are everywhere. Albania has a well-enforced zero blood alcohol policy.