Ancient Remnants

Diocletian’s Palace, Croatia Imposing Roman ruin in the beating heart of Split, encompassing 220 ancient buildings.

Butrint, Albania Enchanting 2500-years-old ruins in a lush forest on the Ionian coast and a fascinating insight into the layers of mind-boggling Balkans history.

Kalemegdan Citadel, Serbia Destroyed over 40 times, this fortress on the Danube was once squeezed between the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires.

Dečani Monastery, Kosovo Unesco-listed 13th-century monastery with amazing frescoes, in an incredibly beautiful spot beneath the mountains.

Mehmet Paša Sokolović Bridge, Bosnia & Hercegovina The Unesco-listed masterpiece that inspired Nobel laureate Ivo Andrić's classic work Bridge on the Drina.

Bay of Bones, Macedonia A prehistoric settlement of pile dwellers, excavated by an underwater team, is now Lake Ohrid's Museum on Water.