Museum in Balaklava

Naval Museum

In the naval museum you can breach the huge nuclear-blast-proof doors and wander some of the 600m of the former repair docks, mess rooms and thankfully now empty arsenal on a one-hour-long guided tour. When MTV laun…
Nuclear Bunker in Balaklava

Cold War Museum

The town's quirkiest sight lurks across the bay from the main promenade. The concrete opening in the harbour wall is the mouth of a natural underwater cave that the Soviets turned into a secret nuclear submarine fac…
Ruins in Balaklava

Genovese Fortress of Cembalo

All that remains of the 15th-century Genovese fortress are three semi-ruined towers on top of a strategic hill, guarding the mouth of the harbour. But the view of the bay and the sea coast, stretching to Cape Aya, i…