Checking insurance quotes…

Before You Go

Recommended Vaccinations

Travellers should be up to date on routine vaccinations. There are no specific vaccinations recommended for travelling to Bahrain.

Health Insurance

Some travel insurance may not cover activities like diving (for pearls or otherwise) and drag racing, so check your policy before you arrive, and buy additional cover if needed.

Check your insurance policy's claims procedure for emergency healthcare – in Bahrain, travellers are charged for this and must ensure they have the funds to cover the costs at the time.

In Bahrain

Availability & Cost of Health Care

Bahrain has excellent healthcare services. With more doctors and nurses per resident than any other Gulf country, queues tend to be short, too.

There are good hospitals all over Bahrain, such as the American Mission Hospital, and 22 health care centres, which should be a traveller's first point of call for any non-emergency concerns. A visit to see a doctor at one of these will cost no more than BD3.

Tap Water

Tap water in Bahrain is not fit for consumption anywhere, but bottled water is readily available.