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Old Capital of Bahrain City Tour

You will be picked up from your hotel in Manama around 09:00 am. The tour will head to Muharraq Island and first visit of the day will be Shaikh Isa Bin Ali House. This 19th century ruling family residence in Muharraq Island is Bahrain's most impressive example of Gulf Islamic architecture featuring four courtyards, beautiful carved wooden doors and perforated gypsum panels. Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, the current King's great-great-grandfather, who ruled the country for 63 years was residing in this house. You will then have a short walk to the next place of interest, the Shaikh Ebrahim Centre. This is a new building with a traditional architecture in the heart of old Muharraq. It was built on a plot of land that was originally part of the house and forum of Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, an intellectual and man of letters, in the early 20th century. The design incorporates a large Islamic arch, mashrabiya (traditional windows) and gypsum panels with Arabic calligraphy. Very nearby is Kurar House that you will visit. The house provides a venue for elderly Bahraini ladies to pass on the art of the Kurar to younger generations. Kurar is a form of embroidery using a golden thread. The next visit is to Abdullah Al Zayed House. This is the house of the founder of the first weekly newspaper in Bahrain and the Gulf. The house is dedicated to the preservation of Bahrain's press heritage and at the same time preserves part of the country's unique architectural traditions. Continue to visit the Mohammed Bin Faris House. This small house, off Shaikh Hamad Avenue and close to the souq, once belonged to thefamous Bahraini oud player and songwriter Mohamed bin Faris. It was recently converted into a museum in honor of the late musician. You will then visit Arad Fort, built in the 15th century in Arad area, Muharraq. Arad Fort was built in the typical style of Islamic forts before the Portuguese invasion of Bahrain in 1622 A.D. This fort is one of the compact defensive forts in Bahrain. The last visit of the day will be the Muharraq Souq. Smaller than Manama Souq, the Muharraq souq offers a wide range of merchandise and famed sweet shops. The oldest section of the souq, Al Qaisariya, offers a charming shopping experience. Souq Al Qaisariya is an integral component of the "Pearling; a testimony of an Island Economy" (UNESCO World Heritage Site). The tour ends with a visit to a Traditional Coffee Shop.

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Full Day Private Tour: Highlights of Bahrain

Your day starts with a 9 am pick-up and then off to the Al Fateh Grand Mosque. This is the first mosque in the region to open to tourists and is the largest mosque on the island. The exquisite Bahraini architecture, crowned by the world’s largest fiberglass dome, is one to see. Since the mosque is blessed with tranquility reserved for the holiest of holy places, it is important to dress modestly and remove footwear before entering. Women should cover their head.Your next stop is Bahrain National Museum for a walk through a wonderful collection of exhibits, from contemporary Bahraini paintings, sculptures and ceramics, to scenes depicting life in the Dilmun civilization of 6000 years ago, and even a reconstructed burial mound, complete with skeleton. View the beauty of Arabic calligraphy, including a beautiful display of illuminated Qur’ans and other religious documents. Take closer look at traditional trades and crafts, which are cleverly displayed in a reconstruction of a typical souq of the 1930s. Then your driver will take you and your group to Arad Fort, built in the style of Islamic forts in the 15th and 16th centuries. Due to its strategic location overlooking various sea passages of Muharraq Island, Arad Fort was used as a defensive fortress throughout history, from the time Bahrain was occupied by the Portuguese in the 16th century to the reign of Shaikh Salman Bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa in the 19th century. You will then break for lunch before heading over to Al Areen Wildlife Park, the only Nature Reserve in Bahrain. Enjoy the rich habitat of native birds and mammals. Try to snap a pic of the exotic birds. Or just witness the beauty of the wild gazelles and Oryx. Explore the park at your leisure before regrouping and making your way to the Bahrain International Circuit, the only premier motor sport venue in the Middle East region.The International Circuit was Initiated by His Highness Crown Prince Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Honorary President of the Bahrain Motor Federation, and opened in 2004. The spot now hosts the annual Bahrain Grand Prix, a round of the FIA Formula One World Championship. Get your adrenalin rush fix before packing up for your trip back to your hotel at 5 pm.

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Pearling Path tour in Bahrain-VIP tour

This is a VIP private tour.During our tour we will discover pearling trial which listed by UNESCO as World Heritage site, starting from the site which consists of seventeen buildings in the old Muharraq City, three offshore oyster beds, and finally take the boat and visit Qal’at Bu Mahir fortress on the southern tip of Muharraq Island. The listed buildings include residences of pearl merchants such as Seyadi and Bin Matter house.Other houses in Muharraq will be visited as well many restored traditional Bahraini houses that can be found impressive example of Arab-Gulf Islamic architecture featuring four courtyards, beautifully carved wooden doors, and perforated gypsum panels.such as Shaikh Isa Bin Ali House and others such as Bait Al Kurar, Shaikh Ebrahim Research center,  Siyadi Mosque, Abdulla Al Zayed House and more.Lunch will be served in traditional cafe.All of our inbound tours includes the below: we provide private tours only:Multi- language licensed tourist guide.Drop off and pick –up facility from/to anywhere within the kingdom of Bahrain.Lunch, bottle of water and snacks.Entrance fees to all tourist attractions visited.Photo shots during the tours.Postcards as Souvenirs.Always you can customize your tour with us as long it’s a private tours, you can change your tour route in the last minutes to another tourist attractions, as long as all the tourist attractions are open.2017 Nissan Patrol 4x4.

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