Fortress in Zaqatala


Built between 1830 and 1860, Zaqatala’s Russian fortress is a sprawling affair with sturdy grey stone walls. It originally guarded against attacks from the Dagestan-based guerrilla army of Shamil and later imprisone…
Museum in Zaqatala

Historical Museum

The small Historical Museum is worth a five-minute glimpse to peruse faded photos of the area's attraction amid old pots, jewellery, priceless books and local costumes. There's minimal English.
Public Art in Zaqatala

Dance Mural

This colourful mosaic gives an attractive aspect to the north end of Nәrimanov küç.
Gardens in Zaqatala

Old Town Square

Zaqatala's Old Town is centred on a pretty garden-square, above which rise two 30m tall çinar (plane) trees planted in the 1780s.
Village in Zaqatala

Car Village

Car is a chocolate-box village half-hidden in blossoms and greenery. Picturesque houses are hidden behind mossy dry-stone walls in abundant orchards. Several rustic restaurants are tucked away in its woodland fringe…
Palace in Zaqatala

Qala Düzü Wedding Palace

Qala Düzü is best known as this Wedding Palace, but there is also a teahouse section in the park behind that serves tea and meals in summer.
Church in Zaqatala

Ruined Church

The overgrown ruins of this once grand barrel-towered church sit between the Old Town Sq and the fortress.
Mosque in Zaqatala


Zaqatala's biggest new mosque has a distinctively Turkish design.
Gate in Zaqatala

Park Entrance Gate

Entrance to Heydar Əliyev Park.
Landmark in Zaqatala

8-Storey Building

Landmark building.