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There are areas of photogenically ugly oil derricks in fields nearby but several travellers report being hassled by security staff for taking pictures. Tourists aren’t supposed to be interested in ugly things!

Access is by bus 84 that picks up from the south exit of Baku’s metro station Əzizbəyov. From where it terminates, cross the railway through the almost abandoned commuter train station, turn left and walk three minutes along Atamoğlan Rzayev küç which turns right into the temple square.

Alternative access suggestions include bus 77 from Mərdəkən, marshrutka 231 from Qara Qarayev metro (via the historic town of Əmircan) or the extremely slow, convoluted bus route 33 starting behind Baku train station (70 minutes). The latter drops you at a junction that’s five minutes’ walk west of Suraxanı station.

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