Top things to do

Top Choice Market in Lәnkәran


Lənkəran’s sprawling bazaar area is centred on an architecturally drab concrete hangar, but it’s loaded with colourful produce and equally colourful local characters. Remarkably friendly.
Natural Feature in Astara

Yanar Bulağ

Watch water burn at Arçivan village! What you see is a stand-pipe beneath a concrete pergola, but the water that bubbles forth is made ‘flammable’ by partly dissolved methane. You''ll need to bring your own matches …
Landmark in Lәnkәran

Stalin's Prison

This sturdy brick-barrel tower once imprisoned Joseph Stalin during his early revolutionary days, yet for now there's no attempt to commemorate the fact.
Italian in Lәnkәran

Gənclər Mərkəzi

A cinema, arcade games and three dining options are combined in this three-storey glass cylinder in Dosa Park. There's a summer terrace for tea, a 'Chicken House' doing Western-style fast food, and the top-floor res…
Museum in Lerik

Centenarians Museum

This modest little museum celebrates the Talysh mountain people's statistically high proportion of centenarians. Most famous was Şirəli Müslümov (aka Shirali Muslimov), cited as the world’s oldest man when he died i…
Cultural Centre in Lәnkәran

Heydar Əliyev Mərkəzi

Pop into this refreshingly air-conditioned centre to peruse the photographic exhibition on the life and times of the 'National Leader'. Or simply to cool down when the temperature and humidity make it less appealing…
Eastern European in Lәnkәran

Xan Lənkəran

With wooden interior and thatched ceiling, this place is unexpectedly appealing for the location, and offers chicken ləvəngi, as well as cheap beers (50q) should you dare threaten your bladder before a b…
Azerbaijani in Lәnkәran

Uzbek Kafesi

Inexpensive, hearty meals, notably plov with ləvəngi or giymə (vegetable dolma) are served at this unmarked but distinctive brick building surrounded in summer by simple outside seating.
in Lәnkәran

History Museum

The main attraction of the History Museum is the building itself, a century-old brick mansion built in ‘Scooby-Doo gothic’ style. It looks great when illuminated at night.
Fast Food in Lәnkәran


Bold yellow and oranges with alcoves of little camel figures make this place feel a little step above most fast-food options.