Fashion & Accessories in Baku

Dolce & Gabbana

For years the Karavan Jazz Club, heart of Baku’s jazz scene, occupied this building whose repurposing into a chain fashion boutique was emblematic of the city's evolution towards a culture of conspicuous consumption…
Department Store in Baku

Harvey Nicholls

This stone-fronted but totally contemporary branch of the London department store has far more sales folk than customers most days of the week but it is the flagship of Baku's ambition to be seen as a cosmopolitan E…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Şəki

House of Craftsmen

Although the wide range of knick-knacks is mostly fairly corny tourist tat, this two-storey complex also includes genuine craft artists' workshops and is worth perusing en route to the tourist office, which is upsta…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Baku

Book Shop of the Presidential Administration

Sells an amusing selection of hagiographic literature about both Әliyevs, as well as postcards and several guide-pamphlets that you could have got for free from the tourist information office.
Books in Baku

Kitab Evi

Stocks detailed Azerbaijan 1:500,000 topographic and road maps (AZN5), slightly dated postcards plus many booklets that would be free if you'd asked at the tourist office.
Food in Şəki

Halvaçi Yəhyə

Şəki is famed for its super-sweet, syrup-soaked halva, which is actually more like a form of paxlava. Yəhyə is our favourites of countless local brands.
Books in Baku

Chiraq Books

English-language bookshop with decent range of classics, bestsellers, travel guides and locally relevant titles, and a good souvenir section.
Silk in Şəki

Şəki İpek

The showroom of Şəki’s silk factory (kombinat) stocks high-quality carpets and some attractively simple silk scarves (from AZN20).
Shopping Centre in Baku


Ziya is well stocked, but overpriced, and aimed at Hyatt guests who can’t be bothered to shop around.
Fashion & Accessories in Baku

Baku Lamborghini

Luxury cars and branded accessories for millionaires with spare cash.