Top Choice Palace in Şəki

Xan Sarayı

This ornate 1762 palace building features vivid murals and dazzling coloured light streaming through şəbəkə (stained-glass) windows making it Şəki’s foremost ‘sight’ and one of the South Caucasus’ most iconic buildi…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Şəki

Fazıl Labarynth

Over a dozen close-packed grave sites from the 2nd to 7th centuries BC have been excavated but left exactly as they were found with pots, talismen and the bones of sacrificed animals in situ. One can almost 'feel' t…
Notable Building in Şəki

Çingis Klubu

This polished new centre remembers TV journalist and national hero Çingis Mustafayev who died in 1992 filming the Karabakh War. Photos of his life are complemented by a small but well-chosen gallery of modern Azerba…
Museum in Şəki

Historical-Regional Ethnography Museum named after Raşidbey Əfəndiyev

Tour groups are marched dutifully around this dowdy museum whose name is its most impressive feature. Exhibits include archaeological oddments, ethnographical artefacts and the usual emotive panels on WWII, Karabakh…
Workshop in Şəki

Şəbəkə Workshop

The şəbəkə stained-glass windows featured at Xan Sarayı are laboriously made by slotting together hundreds of hand-carved wooden pieces to create intricate wooden frames without metal fastenings. You can see them be…
Church in Şəki

'Albanian' Church/Musuem of National Applied Art

A coven of museum ladies beckon unsuspecting tourists into this unusual building, a circular former church. A sign claims it dates from the 7th-century or before; however, it was largely rebuilt in tsarist times and…
Palace in Şəki

Winter Palace

Be among the first foreigners to discover the Şəki Khans' recently restored yet little publicised 'other' palace. Like a slightly smaller Xan Sarayı, it has its own rose garden and while five of the six rooms are es…
Caravanserai in Şəki


Even if you don’t stay here, do peep inside this historic caravanserai whose twin-level arcade of sturdy arches encloses a sizeable central courtyard. Stride through the imposing wooden gateway door and if questione…
Area in Şəki

Yuxari Baş

A pleasant stroll into this villagelike area takes you past a small 1880 octagonal minaret in around 10 minutes’ walk heading east from the fortress walls.
Mosque in Şəki

Omar Əfəndiyev Mosque

This small, 19th-century mosque is a typical brick structure that fits harmoniously with the architecture of MF Axundzadə pr, looking especially attractive when uplit at night.