Top Choice French in Baku

Paris Bistro

It's hard to believe you're more than a few metres from the Champs-Élysées in this perfectly pitched French masterpiece. It hits all the right Parisian notes down to the plane trees which curve out from an ever-busy…
Top Choice Fusion in Baku

Mayak 13

If you liked Altay Sadikhzade's cartoon-esque work at MIM, you'll adore his eccentric Mayak 13 cafe designs. Marvelously absurd rope-tied abstracts represent ripped sails and intersperse a gamut of nautical bric-a-b…
Top Choice Azerbaijani in Baku

Şirvanşah Muzey-Restoran

On an unassuming backstreet, this superb discovery started life as a 19th-century bathhouse but is now a veritable ethnographic museum of handicrafts and knick-knacks that's sometimes used as a film set. Over a doze…
Azerbaijani in Baku

Fayton Club

Handicrafts, a pair of pony-carts and a fake well make an almost-successful attempt to create a feel of 18th-century Azerbaijan, though this jars with the plush velveteen chairs and ironed tablecloths. The menu is c…
Chinese in Baku

Great Wall

This unpretentious Chinese eatery represents good value.
Georgian in Baku


There are several fancier places but this unpretentious little basement remains our favourite inexpensive Georgian restaurant in central Baku.
Turkish in Baku


The spacious Iskəndər, a Turkish restaurant, which serves inexpensive precooked meals in pleasantly semi-grand arch-vaulted premises. Point at what you fancy from the heated display of precooked meals (A…
Azerbaijani in Baku

Karvansara Restaurant

Choose from two 14th-century caravanserais, one offering atmospheric stone cell-rooms around an open courtyard, the other an intriguing dungeon-like cellar.
International in Baku


Descending into this colourfully panelled three-room basement feels like entering an upmarket club, yet the prices are ultrabudget and the food is perfectly acceptable, albeit without much flair.
Japanese in Baku


While Baku has more upmarket Japanese options, Zakura combines stylish simplicity with great-value food. The AZN8 weekday lunch deal is one of Baku's foremost dining bargains.