Quba attractions

Memorial in Quba

Quba 1918 Genocide Memorial Complex

Skulls and human bones protruding in awful profusion form a key part of this powerfully emotional if politically charged monument. The mass grave site was found in 2007 when digging to rebuild a stadium. Today there…
Area in Quba

Qırmızi Qəsəbə

Across the river from central Quba, Qırmızi Qəsəbə is a wealthy and much celebrated Jewish village with two active synagogues. Its comfortable existence is often cited as proof of Azerbaijan's history of religious t…
Park in Quba

Nizami Park

This little park has a more natural vibe than most of the over-manicured equivalents in other towns. Old chaps in flat caps sip tea and slap dominoes beneath shady chestnut and plane trees. There's an ornamental 'ca…
Picnic Area in Quba


One of the most dramatic stretches of the Quba–Xınalıq road starts when it enters a deep, narrow canyon at around Km 34.5. It emerges over 2km later at an uninhabited grassy picnic spot called Çaygoșan, where there …
Museum in Quba

History Museum

A facade like a stylised castle lures visitors to investigate this unusually professional new regional museum. Along with the typical displays of pots, swords and Bronze Age jewelry, there's a fine collection of cla…
Mosque in Quba

Hacı Cəfər Məscid

This colourfully painted brick mosque is the most eye-catching of several minor historic structures giving Ardəbil küç a modest appeal for casual strolling. You’ll also find a few typical old-Quba houses with rounde…
Ruins in Quba

Günbəzli Hamam

This 18th-century brick hamam-ruin has a distinctive beehive dome but lies decrepit and forgotten on a street that has several patches of archetypal old-Quba architecture.
Mosque in Quba

Cümə Məscid

This octagonal mosque is Quba’s most distinctive historic building, painted a dull red and topped with a metallic dome forming a central point like a Prussian helmet.
Synagogue in Quba

Grand Synagogue

The most impressive of Qırmızı Qəsəbə's surviving synagogues is a two-storey brick structure pimpled with five-spired mini domes.
Workshop in Quba

Qadim Quba

Quba is famous for its handmade carpets and this workshop is one accessible place where visitors can see the process in action.