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Archaeological Site in Qәbәlә

Old Gabala Site

Today's Qəbələ was renamed to honour an ancient city of Caucasian Albania mentioned in Pliny the Elder’s Natural History (AD 77). Old Gabala was so comprehensively trashed by the 18th-century invader Nader Shah that…
Village in Qәbәlә


Once a seasonal village only occupied by shepherd families during the midsummer grazing season, Durca has a few new holiday homes under construction but the upper village remains essentially unspoilt with several ol…
Azerbaijani in Qәbәlә

Qəbələ Xanlar

Thatched dining platforms are set behind a series of amusing water-powered mobiles in one of Qəbələ's longest-running and best-respected rustic kebab restaurants. There's no menu.
Music in Qәbәlә

Gabala International Music Festival

Qəbələ's highbrow music festival is certainly not Glastonbury. Collared shirts trump tie-dyes here and the focus is on classical music. Concerts are mostly at the Qafqaz Resort Hotel around 2km towards Durca from th…
International in Qәbәlә

Qәbәlә Restaurant

Stunning panoramic views from this mountain-top restaurant make it ideal for an early beer or daytime coffee. The decor is loungey with period-style ski posters, but like so many ski restaurants the world over, the …
Football in Qәbәlә

Gabala FC

Qәbәlә's talented soccer team, Gabala FC, once managed by ex-Arsenal defender Tony Adams, qualified for the Europa League in 2015.
in Qәbәlә

Historical Museum

The museum displays finds from Old Qəbələ but its most intriguing feature is the fake Stone Age–style swing gate through which one enters.
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Heydar Əliyev Museum

Heydar Әliyev Museum is a typically grand and wordless museum.
in Qәbәlә

Qəbələ Mosque