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Ordubad has several old, if heavily over-renovated, mosques and attractive alleys to explore but be careful where you point your camera, as virtually any landscape will include a bit of sensitive border and police are quick to smell ‘spies’. Within the remote Ordubad National Park, Mt Gəmiqaya (http://gemiqaya.nakhchivan.az/gemienglish) is famed for its ancient petroglyphs but getting to see them is effectively impossible for casual visitors.

Most marshrutky for Naxçivan City leave Ordubad before 9.30am but there are also three afternoon services (1pm, 3pm, 5pm). The bus station is around halfway down the main street from the museum towards the small bazaar where Ordubad’s famously fragrant and flagrantly pricey lemons can easily cost AZN4 a piece.

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