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Highlights of Kyrgyzstan around Issyk-Kul lake

On a first day, you will be picked up and head to the village of Bokonbaevo.On the way  you will visit Burana Tower an ancient minaret, UNESCO Heritage. You will have an excursion throughout the complex, go to the museum and see the panorama view.  Arrival to Bokonbaevo village, where you will acquainted you with simple rural life and with the original Kyrgyz traditions. Lunch will be served in traditional way in one of the yurts, where you will have national food. At a yurt camp, you can learn about the yurt installation process. (Optional to arrange demonstration of yurt installation where you can even participate.) Watch the Kyrgyz Folklore performance for the Dinner. In the evening, on the open area, they will set up a movie for your, if it rains, the film will be shown in the guest yurt.On a second da, travel to the Canyon Skazka (Fairytale). The canyon is an amazing place where sandy red formations take various fabulous forms. Walking along this gorge brings not only aesthetic pleasure, but also unity with nature. On the way back, you will have the chance to meet berkutchi, who will share the story of hunting with golden eagles, their habits and features. Demonstration of the eagle hunting can be arranged for tourists for an additional fee. Visit Jeti-Oguz gorge the next day, a picturesque mountain gorge in Kyrgyzstan. On the way you will also visit Barskoon Waterfall and the holy place of "Mandjyly-Ata". "Mandjyly-Ata" is a valley, with  labyrinth of shallow gorges between clay hilly steppes and healing springs. The name "Jeti-Oguz" (translated as "seven bulls") came from a chain of weathered red rocks, similar to bulls lying on the ground, and became a visiting card of the gorge. For an additional fee, you can ride horses and try traditional dishes in yurts. On a fourth day, you will have an excursion in Karakol city. For lunch, try the famous local dish - Ashlyan-Fu. Contiue the excursion and rest in the evening.The 5th day you will head back to Bishkek through the northern shore of the Issyk-Kul lake. You will stop at Oruktu village for hot springs swimming for 1 hour. Continue your trip with the stop for lunch in Cholpon-Ata. After lunch you will visit the famous cultural center of Ruh Ordo. Then you will visit the petroglyphs located between the northern and north-western outskirts of the city of Cholpon-Ata and the southern part of the Kungei Ala-Too mountain range. Petroglyphs (rock carvings) of Cholpon-Ata represent a big open-air temple where religious rituals related to the spiritual world and the life of the nomadic population of Issyk-Kul were performed. Depart to Bishkek. On a 6th day, there is a short trip to National Park Ala-Archa. There you will have a small trek to the river, surrounded by high junipers on the snow covered peaks even during summer time. In the afternoon explore the Bishkek city with our experienced guide. Departure the next day.

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