Top things to do in Northwestern Azerbaijan

Top Choice Palace in Şəki

Xan Sarayı

This ornate 1762 palace building features vivid murals and dazzling coloured light streaming through şəbəkə (stained-glass windows), making it Şəki’s foremost sight and one of the South Caucasus’ most iconic buildin…
Top Choice Azerbaijani in Zaqatala

Calğalıq Restoranı

The most characterful restaurant for miles around, Calğalıq is packed with more antique handicrafts than the average museum and the enchanted garden is all a-croak with frogs. There are some Georgian options and ver…
Top Choice International in Qәbәlә


At the top of the Yatmish Gozal cable car (L6), Chalet is not just a great place to sit amid the mountain scenery, but also serves the best-quality Western food in Qәbәlә, notably sizzlers and great pasta along with…
Church in Şəki

Kiş Albanian Church

The brilliantly renovated round-towered 'temple' in pretty Kiş village has been lovingly converted into a very well-presented trilingual museum. It’s the best place anywhere to learn about mysterious Caucasian Alban…
Winery in İsmayıllı

Chabiant Winery

Chabiant Winery offers the most appealing visitor experience of Azerbaijan's new breed of vineyards, with a hotel, tastings and swifts swooping between the mulberry trees to skim the in-house swimming pool. Views ac…
Village in Qax

İlisu Village

Two beautiful high-altitude valleys meet at charming little İlisu. Amazingly this diminutive village of photogenic old homes was once the capital of a short-lived 18th-century sultanate. Many houses retain box windo…
Archaeological Site in Qәbәlә

Old Gabala Site

Today's Qəbələ was renamed for an ancient city mentioned in Pliny the Elder’s Natural History (AD 77), and forgotten after it was destroyed by the 18th-century invader Nader Shah. Rediscovered in 1959, Old Gabala is…
Viewpoint in Şəki

Xan Yaylağı

High above the city, a plateau of summer pastures known as Xan Yaylağı offers truly superb viewpoints back over the valley and northwards towards high Caucasian peaks.
Street in Lahıc

Hüseynov Küç

Lahıc’s pedestrianised main street is unevenly paved with smooth pale river-stones and lined with older houses built traditionally with interleaving stone and timber layers plus box windows. Even though it's an unas…
Azerbaijani in Qax

Səngər Qala Restaurant & Hotel

Even if you don't eat here, it's worth a quick stop to photograph this restaurant, which takes the form of a fantasy castle built within crenellated dark stone walls and full of quirky oddities. The menu is mostly k…