Northwestern Azerbaijan shopping

Ceramics in Şəki


In a newly restored 19th-century building, this centre is predominantly a community project to support local potters in their craft. You can watch artisans at work and peruse a selection of ceramics, glassware and m…
Market in Şəki

Təzə Bazar

The big, bustling bazaar sells everything from pottery, metalwork and carpets to masses of fresh food. Saffron comes in a wide variety of qualities, the cheapest just AZN1 a cupful.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Şəki

Crafts House

Although the wide range of knick-knacks is mostly fairly corny tourist tat, this two-storey complex also includes a couple of genuine craft artists' workshops.
Food in Şəki

Halvaçi Yəhyə

Şəki is famed for its super-sweet, syrup-soaked halva, which is actually more like a form of paxlava (baklava). There are dozens of local brands but Yəhyə is particularly famous, having received a 2015 shopping visi…
Food in Zaqatala


Attractively contemporary small store selling local nuts, dried fruit and ground coffees. There's a cafe section too, though oddly the coffee served there is Nescafe.
Silk in Şəki

Şəki İpek

The showroom of Şəki’s kombinat (silk factory) stocks high-quality carpets and some attractively simple silk scarves.
Food & Drinks in Zaqatala

Amin Market

This small shop is also a landmark for the best shepherd-trail hike in the region; walk west to find the start.