Northwestern Azerbaijan shopping

Gifts & Souvenirs in Şəki

House of Craftsmen

Although the wide range of knick-knacks is mostly fairly corny tourist tat, this two-storey complex also includes genuine craft artists' workshops and is worth perusing en route to the tourist office, which is upsta…
Food in Şəki

Halvaçi Yəhyə

Şəki is famed for its super-sweet, syrup-soaked halva, which is actually more like a form of paxlava. Yəhyə is our favourites of countless local brands.
Market in Şəki

Təzə Bazaar

Everything from pottery, metalwork and carpets to masses of fresh food. Saffron comes in a wide variety of qualities, the cheapest just AZN1 a cupful.
Silk in Şəki

Şəki İpek

The showroom of Şəki’s silk factory (kombinat) stocks high-quality carpets and some attractively simple silk scarves (from AZN20).
in Şamaxi

Şamaxı Bazaar

in Oğuz

Oğuz Bazaar