Azerbaijani in Zaqatala

Calğalıq Restoranı

The most characterful restaurant for miles around, Calğalıq is packed with more antique handicrafts than the average museum and the enchanted garden is all acroak with frogs. There are some Georgian options and very…
Azerbaijani in Şəki

Çələbi Xan Restoran

The restaurant’s striking exterior combines classic şəbəkə with modern smoked glass while the pine interior is as eccentric as a cuckoo clock. There’s lots of tree-shaded outdoor seating and for just AZN2 you could …
Azerbaijani in Lahıc

Mikail Humbatov’s Restaurant

Unsigned and invisible behind an unfinished five-storey hotel building this inviting restaurant has tree-shaded garden seating with mountain views high across the river, while the main dining hall is festooned with …
Azerbaijani in Qәbәlә

Qəbələ Xanlar

Thatched dining platforms are set behind a series of amusing water-powered mobiles in one of Qəbələ's longest-running and best-respected rustic kebab restaurants. There's no menu.
Azerbaijani in Şəki

Xan Bağı

This cafe has outside dining booths draped in living ivy and the menu includes AZN3 pots of mini vine-leaf dolma, tasty piti (AZN3) and good chicken soup (AZN1.40) but before ordering double-check prices with the En…
Azerbaijani in İlisu

Səngər Qala Restaurant

Even if you don't eat here, it's worth a quick stop to photograph Səngər Qala Restaurant, which takes the form of a fantasy castle built within crenellated dark stone walls and full of quirky oddities.
Cafe in Zaqatala

Meydan Kafesi

This cosy cafe doesn't have the advertised espresso but does an excellent Turkish coffee served with lokum (Turkish delight).
International in Şəki

Şəbəkə Restaurant

Despite the ironed, snow-white tablecloths, suede chairs and chandelier, this suave restaurant is nowhere near as expensive as it looks. The short but varied menu includes pastas, pizza, ləvəngi, kebab sets and veal…
Azerbaijani in Zaqatala

Qala Düzü

The big main building is a wedding palace, but food, tea and a limited menu are available from the clifftop booth seats in the park outside. Some tables have views across the river valley and of the forested mountai…
International in Qәbәlә

Qәbәlә Restaurant

Stunning panoramic views from this mountain-top restaurant make it ideal for an early beer or daytime coffee. The decor is loungey with period-style ski posters, but like so many ski restaurants the world over, the …