Northwestern Azerbaijan drinking and nightlife

Bar in Şəki

Ovuçlar Məkanı

If you’re not put off by the animal trophies, this rustic-themed ‘hunters' corner’ makes a relatively comfortable place to sink beers after everywhere else has closed. It also has a pleasant garden area and serves l…
Lounge in Şəki

Buta Bar

Decked with Moroccan-style lamps, the inviting little Buta Bar brews Şəki’s best coffee and is a rare place where unaccompanied women won't be ill-judged for ordering alcoholic beverages.
Teahouse in Şəki

Babamın Çayxanası

Sepia photos, stone walls and a decorative old brass samovar make this a tasteful little designer teahouse. If it’s closed try calling ‘uncle’ Seyran on 050 5834986.
Teahouse in Şəki

Old Sheki Teahouse

Fabulously atmospheric, but only serving tea by the samovar accompanied by jams, fruit and confectionery (costing a minimum of AZN6).