Top things to do in Northern Azerbaijan

Mountain in Baku to Quba

Beşbarmaq Dağ

Atop a super-steep grassy ridge, Beşbarmaq Dağ is a distinctive split crag whose mystical crown of phallic rocks attracts (mostly female) pilgrims. In around 20 minutes they climb a steep partially laddered trail fr…
Memorial in Quba

Quba 1918 Genocide Memorial Complex

Skulls and human bones protruding in awful profusion form a key part of this powerfully emotional if politically charged monument. The mass grave site was found in 2007 when digging to rebuild a stadium. Today there…
Village in Quba to Xınalıq


By some definitions Xınalıq (2335m) is Europe’s highest village. Its upper half retains many ancient stone houses that form distinctively austere stepped terraces up a steep highland ridge. And the whole scene is of…
Village in Laza


Encircled by soaring mountains with grass-clad slopes and ribbon waterfalls cascading over perilous cliff edges, Laza's setting is remarkably impressive. The tiny village is diffuse and its houses somewhat banal, bu…
Area in Quba

Qırmızi Qəsəbə

Across the river from central Quba, Qırmızi Qəsəbə is a wealthy and much celebrated Jewish village with two active synagogues. Its comfortable existence is often cited as proof of Azerbaijan's history of religious t…
National Park in Northern Azerbaijan

Shahdag National Park

The vast Shahdag National Park covers over 1.3 million sq km, encompassing many of the nation's most spectacular peaks and high-mountain trails. Lower areas of the park can be entered with a standard national park e…
Park in Quba

Nizami Park

This little park has a more natural vibe than most of the over-manicured equivalents in other towns. Old chaps in flat caps sip tea and slap dominoes beneath shady chestnut and plane trees. There's an ornamental 'ca…
Natural Feature in Baku to Quba

'Candycane Mountains'

An eye-catching area of vivid pink-and-white striped hills is commonly nicknamed the 'Candycane Mountains' by Baku expats. Look carefully and you find that the colourful landscape is littered with little fossils.
Picnic Area in Quba to Xınalıq


One of the most dramatic stretches of the Quba–Xınalıq road starts when it enters a deep, narrow canyon at around Km 34.5. It emerges over 2km later at an uninhabited grassy picnic spot called Çaygoșan, where there …
Castle in Baku to Quba

Çirax Qala

One of rural Azerbaijan’s best-preserved castle ruins, Çirax Qala's spindly, three-storey keep rises on a forested bluff, high above Qala Altı, a big, modern sulphur-water sanatorium complex. You see the silhouette …