Manat (AZN)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than AZN100

  • Hostel bed: AZN5–20
  • Döner kebab: AZN1.20–2.50
  • SIM card with credit: AZN6
  • Beer in local bar: AZN1.20
  • Bottled water: AZN0.40
  • Overnight train ride: AZN9

Midrange: AZN100–200

  • Double room in hotel: AZN50–150
  • Two-course typical meal: AZN10–20
  • Museum entrance: AZN2–10
  • Car rental: AZN50
  • Petrol: AZN40

Top end: More than AZN200

  • Hotel suite: AZN150–6000
  • Dinner with wine in top restaurant: AZN40–100
  • Shisha in fancy teahouse: AZN30–80
  • Private tour with guide: AZN80–250


In some market situations and at many souvenir stalls, bargaining is normal. It's essential with unmetered taxis. If you haven't reserved in advance, it is often possible to score a discount at smaller hotels and guesthouses in the low season with gentle haggling.


Azerbaijan’s manat is denoted AZN or by a special 'M' that looks like a euro symbol rotated through 90 degrees. AZN1 equals 100 qəpiq (100q).

Exchange Rates


For current exchange rates, see


In restaurants, tipping up to 10% is highly appreciated but not usually expected. Simply rounding up the bill is more common in less fancy places. Rounding up is also important when using app-based taxis where drivers are very poorly paid, but much less so in unmetered flagged cabs for which fare haggling is more appropriate.

Credit Cards

Many transactions still require cash but Visa & Mastercard usage is becoming increasingly widespread and ATMs are available in all cities and regional centres.