Top things to do in Mәrdәkәn & Şüvəlan

Islamic Shrine in Mәrdәkәn & Şüvəlan

Mir Mövsüm Ağa Ziyarətgahı

One of Azerbaijan’s most intriguing shrines, this complex is topped with a beautifully patterned Central Asian–style dome and has an interior spangled with polished-mirror mosaic facets. Most Azeris firmly believe t…
Fortress in Mәrdәkәn & Şüvəlan

Mardakan Castle

This 22m square-plan tower is a very dramatic construction yet it somehow manages to lie almost entirely hidden in a series of old village-style backstreets. Some sources claim it was first built in the 12th century…
Shrine in Mәrdәkәn & Şüvəlan

Pir Həsən

Pir Həsən is a shrine area where you can come to have a bottle smashed over your head. Honestly. It’s considered a cure for nervousness of spirit. The smashing occurs at the back of a pretty view-garden whose focus …