Top Choice Market in Lәnkәran


Lənkəran’s sprawling bazaar area is centred on an architecturally drab concrete hangar, but it’s loaded with colourful produce and equally colourful local characters. Remarkably friendly.
Landmark in Lәnkәran

Stalin's Prison

This sturdy brick-barrel tower once imprisoned Joseph Stalin during his early revolutionary days, yet for now there's no attempt to commemorate the fact.
Cultural Centre in Lәnkәran

Heydar Əliyev Mərkəzi

Pop into this refreshingly air-conditioned centre to peruse the photographic exhibition on the life and times of the 'National Leader'. Or simply to cool down when the temperature and humidity make it less appealing…
in Lәnkәran

History Museum

The main attraction of the History Museum is the building itself, a century-old brick mansion built in ‘Scooby-Doo gothic’ style. It looks great when illuminated at night.
Beach in Lәnkәran

Fisherman's Beach

Lənkəran's grey-sand beaches aren't a big attraction if you want to swim and many are dotted with debris, but the coastal area around 1km north of the train station is nonetheless a fascinating place to drink tea at…
Stadium in Lәnkәran

Xəzər Stadium

Just across the river from the town centre, the Xəzər Stadium is home to the local premier-league football team, which was managed during 2013 by John Toshack, better known as a star of the 1970s Liverpool squad.
Landmark in Lәnkәran

Lighthouse Tower

Still functioning as a lighthouse despite being set well inland beyond the train station, this whitewashed structure is similarly shaped to Stalin's prison, formed of two concentric cylinders.
Statue in Lәnkәran

Hazi Aslanov Statue

The figure standing proudly in front of the train station is local WWII hero Həzi Aslanov, whose plinth rises from a stylised concrete tank.
in Lәnkәran

Qafqaz Sahil Hotel