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Before You Go

Health Insurance

Although EU citizens technically enjoy a certain level of reciprocal medical care in Azerbaijan, in reality this is highly unlikely to apply to the better private institutions: comprehensive insurance is strongly recommended.

Recommended Vaccinations

The list of vaccinations suggested for Azerbaijan are the same as for any other developed European country; notably it's worth checking that your tetanus boosters are up to date. Rabies vaccination is also worth considering if you plan to head into remote areas where a post-bite injection might not be available within 24 hours.

In Azerbaijan

Availability & Cost of Health Care

Many of Azerbaijan's new hospitals and clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, but numerous locals and expats remain unconvinced that staff have the skills to use the facilities to full advantage. As a result, many wealthier individuals have long chosen to seek treatment in Turkey, Iran or Europe, and high-powered expats might use an air-ambulance to Abu Dhabi for emergency treatment. Nonetheless, Azerbaijani standards are steadily improving. In more upmarket Baku clinics, the cost for a doctor's consultation starts at around AZN40.

Tap Water

In most bigger Azerbaijani cities, drinking tap water is not recommended without boiling it first. Bottled water is widely available. In rural areas, water drawn from springs is generally excellent and many city folk carry empty bottles when driving country lanes to fill up at a roadside 'bulaq' (spring).