Top things to do in Lahıc

Street in Lahıc

Hüseynov Küç

Lahıc’s pedestrianised main street is unevenly paved with smooth pale river-stones and lined with older houses built traditionally with interleaving stone and timber layers plus box windows. Even though it's an unas…
Azerbaijani in Lahıc

Lahıc Restaurant

This inviting restaurant has lovely tree-shaded garden seating with mountain views high across the river, while the main dining hall is festooned with carpets and animal hides. The main menu choices are kebabs or bu…
Landmark in Lahıc

Zərnava Bridge

This spindly suspension footbridge was designed to help villagers reach the hamlet of Zərnava but these days its users are mostly selfie-snapping tourists challenging their senses of vertigo. It's around halfway bet…
Azerbaijani in Lahıc

Lahıc Riverside

With a pleasant, central location just above the Girdman Bridge, this simple cafe-restaurant has a raised main dining section which is open-sided but roofed plus a couple of private pavilions in the garden. The menu…
Museum in Lahıc

Lahıc History Museum

This quaint little one-room collection of cultural artefacts is housed in a 1902 former mosque next door to the tourist office. Posted opening times are very approximate.