Public Holidays

New Year’s Day 1 January

Noruz Bayramı 20 to 24 March

Genocide Day 31 March (mourning day for those killed in Baku, 1918)

Victory Day 9 May

Republic Day 28 May (founding of first Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1918)

National Salvation Day 15 June (parliament asked Heydar Əliyev to lead the country in 1993)

Armed Forces Day 26 June (founding of Azerbaijan’s army in 1918)

Ramazan Bayram (varies) The day after Ramazan

National Independence Day 18 October (date of Azerbaijan’s breakaway from the USSR)

Flag Day 9 November (celebrates the 2010 unfurling on what was then the world’s tallest flagpole)

Constitution Day 12 November (framing of constitution in 1995)

National Revival Day 17 November (first anti-Soviet uprising in 1988)

Gurban Bayramı (varies) Festival of the Sacrifice

Solidarity Day 31 December (breaking down of border fences between Azerbaijan and Iran in 1989)