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Outside is a bust of Thor Heyerdahl, the Norwegian explorer and ethnographer who postulated cultural links between the peoples of ancient Azerbaijan/Caucasian Albania and those of Scandinavia, based mainly upon their rock art.

In the northern part of Kiş you might still observe women fetching water in traditional guyum containers. And from there, a pleasant afternoon’s walk leads up the river valley towards the minimal ruins of Gelersen Görəsən Fortress.

Back near the church, English-speaking Ilhamə Hüseynova can readily organise a homestay (AZN10, or AZN25 to AZN30 with three meals) and is building a simple mini-hotel in her own attractive orchard-garden. She’s usually to be found working at the church or in the seasonal cafe opposite.

Several more sophisticated bungalow resorts, aimed at vacationing Bakuvians, form an arc around Kiş.

Overcrowded daytime marshrutky 15 and 23 run about three times hourly from Şəki’s Təzə Bazaar (20q, 20 minutes) until around 5pm. To find the church get off where Kiş’s main street becomes cobbled, take the first right and walk 800m, a double-back loop following the signs to Kiş Alban Məbadi.

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