Russian in Baku

Trin Trava

One room is styled like an izba (Siberian cottage), another designed to resemble a 1950s Soviet apartment, and the food takes creative Slavic twists with offerings like 'Hussar' (honey-glazed salmon) and 'Trembling …
Eastern European in Baku


The upstairs dining room has a wild-west wooden décor and live piano music. Ground-floor wooden booths emulate the streamside ambience of Azeri rural dining. The menu stretches from local standards to ostrich s…
Russian in Baku

Yolki Palki

Central; Yasamal This jolly, if cramped, log-walled cellar restaurant fills with whooping live Romani music after 7pm.
Ukrainian in Baku


Cottage atmosphere with costumed waitresses and great value AZN6 lunch. Menus in Cyrillic.
Eastern European in Baku

Yeni Bakı

Yeni Bakı is less off-putting for women.
Eastern European in Baku


Decorated with old hunting weapons, this cosy mid-market restaurant offers Talysh cuisine that goes well beyond the predictable nut-stuffed ləvəngi dishes. Delicious starters (AZN3 to AZN4 per plate) inc…
Eastern European in Baku


Ivy-draped carts in overgrown patches of woodland create a delightfully rustic garden atmosphere that’s incongruous for the suburban setting. However the only menu is on its website and the many extras can be…