Public Transport


City buses cost 20q per ride. For most services you pay cash as you get off. However, the sleek new red buses only accept prepaid BakıKart credit.

Many Baku bus routes are shown in detail on – click 'Avtobuslar' in the left-hand panel and choose the route. Most are accurate but some are missing, while others have since been changed or discontinued (notably buses 1, 90 and 100)

The Google maps app routefinder works fairly well in Baku and claims to give real-time info about the next bus arriving at any stop, though it often seems unduly pessimistic. Beware that routes seem to change every year or two and the maps don't always stay updated.

Baku Bus Stops

Some key stops as they appear on bus sign boards:

  • 28 May Loosely interpreted to mean anywhere near the train station.
  • Axundov Bağ A triangular garden just north of Içeri Şəhər.
  • Azneft The big traffic circle directly southwest of the Old City.
  • Beş Mərtəbə Füzuli Sq.
  • M xxxx Suggests a stop near xxxx metro station.
  • MUM Handy for the western side of Fountains Sq.
  • Təzə Avtovağzal Main bus station.
  • Vurğun Bağ Vurğun Gardens, just south of the train station.

Practical Tip Bus Numbers

Bus numbers within Baku and to the Abşeron towns were correct at the time of research. However, a wholesale renumbering process is planned so while departure points are likely to stay the same don’t be surprised the bus you need has a new number.


The metro links the Old City (İçəri Şəhər metro station) via the train station (28 May metro station) with a series of suburban stations, most usefully Koroǧlu, Qara Qarayev and Neftçilər metro stations, each with bus connections to certain Abşeron towns. Fares cost 20q per ride regardless of distance: prepay credit onto to a smart card (AZN2 deposit, refundable).


Since September 2015, Baku has started phasing in a prepaid card system called the BakıKart, which can be purchased at metro stations and at certain bus stops. There are two versions of the card – a plastic one costing AZN2 plus credit that can be reused, and a disposable paper one allowing up to four credits (ie four rides will cost AZN1). For now the system is only used by the metro and the newest red buses, but it is likely that the system will be extended in the future.

Car & Motorcycle



BakıTaksi The deep-purple London-style cabs are usually Baku's best value and the only ones to use a meter. Flagfall is AZN1, plus 70q per km, dropping to 40/20q per km after 10/20km.