Dangers & Annoyances

The crime rate is very low. Avoid photography of official buildings and on the metro. Police are unforgiving with jaywalkers (AZN20 fines).

Embassies & Consulates

Internet Access

Wi-fi is available in the majority of hotels and in numerous cafes with Bakuvians addicted to selfies and Foursquare check-ins. BakCell subscribers can use free wi-fi hotspots around Fountains Sq. Internet cafes are often hidden away in basements. For an all-night session pay just AZN2 from midnight to 8am at several places including the following:


PS3 Internet



ATMs are ubiquitous. Exchange facilities are widespread and don’t charge commission. Rate-splits are excellent for US dollars (under 1%), good for euros and competitive for Russian roubles. British pounds are less in demand but can sometimes be changed with around a 4% split.

International Bank of Azerbaijan

Turan Bank

Changing Money

For the best-value exchange deals try small bank-shops on the southern side of Səməd Vurğun Gardens, which also exchange British pounds and many 'nonstandard' currencies, albeit at poorer rates.


Pay phones are few and far between but mobile-phone shops are ubiquitous.

Tourist Information

Tourist Information Office Gives away a range of glossy pamphlets and a full-colour Baku Guide magazine but don't count on detailed help for testing questions.

Accessible Travel

Travel with Children